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Flash Player FAQ

Welcome to Club Penguin: MW2!

Having trouble with Flash Player? We recommend using Opera, Firefox or Safari, which all support Flash Player.
When using Google Chrome, it is likely that you will have to manually enable Flash. To do this, you have to choose “site settings”, then “Flash: Allow” instead of block. Club Penguin uses Flash Player technology in order to function, and cannot work without it.

Running Club Penguin: MW2

Without Flash Player:

It is likely that manually enabling Flash Player will become tedious in the future. Not to worry! We have developed downloadable clients, so that you can run Club Penguin in 4K 144FPS – no browser required!

Download links:

Download the Club Penguin client for Windows here!
Download the Club Penguin client for Mac OS X here!
Download the Club Penguin client for Linux here!

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